Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener-Double Layer


Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener is perfect tool for keeping both your lawnmower blades and lawn in top condition. You’ll be able to achieve a razor-sharp edge on the mower blade in just minutes and maximizing cutting performance without removing them!
New Upgrade: The new double-layer design prevents the base from being heated and melted. Top spring-loaded buckles are safer to use than the previous screw design. The double-layer whetstone is more accurate and fast for multi-angle grinding of the blade.
Sharp blades cut grass quicker and cleaner than a Blunt blade, resulting in a neatly trimmed, healthier lawn, prevents grass diseases and fungal growth.

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Product Description

REVIVES YOUR MOWER – Maximizes cutting performance and gives your blunt blade a razor-sharp edge in minutes, no need to remove the blade from the mower.
CUT FLAWLESSLY – Sharpens lawnmower blades to a refined shape to ensure a clean cut for healthier lawns, giving the edge you want every time. Plastic guard that enhances accuracy and is easy to align for sharpening without slipping off the blade.
EXTRA LONG SERVICE LIFE – Made of Corundum which has high durability for extra-long service life. They are portable hence fit into tight spaces and can withstand all types of blades.
WIDE APPLICATION: used for re-edges and reshapes hoes, lawn edger’s, axes, drill blade, sickle bar cutter, rototillers, and so on (including Walker blades, mulching blades, counter-rotary blades, Gator blades, Honda MicroCut Twin Blade sets, and more) making them easier & safer to use.
UNIVERAL FIT & SAVE TIME – Fits all power drill models and is easy to install. Compatible with any 1/4″ or 5/8″ electric drills. Get your lawn-cutting jobs finished 10x faster, saving your time and energy.
1. Prepare the blade sharpener and any drill
2. Insert the blade sharpener into the drill
3. Place the blade between the sharpeners
4. Start sharpening the blade.




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