Korean Organic Breast Lifting Enhancement Serum

An organic oil that accelerates collagen renewal to serve a fuller, plump bust in as little as 3 weeks! Infused with skin-loving ingredients, regular use reduces 73% the appearance of stretch marks, folds, and cellulite against sagging.

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Product Description

What makes Curvy Beauty Korean Bust Massage Oil special:
Lift, tighten & enhance breasts naturally
Serve fuller, plump busts in as little as 2 weeks
5X Collagen strengthening
Restore firmness to saggy skin
Erase stretch marks & cellulite


Soybean Extracts Soy acts as natural estrogen.
Studies suggest soy’s beneficial role in menopause & affect hormone.
Soy isoflavone supplements raised estradiol (estrogen) levels in women by 14%.
It enhances breast enlargement.
Studies show that a lifelong diet rich in soy foods reduces the risk of breast cancer in women.
Soy contains protein, isoflavones, and fiber, all of which provide health benefits.
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Olive Extracts

Olive Extracts contain polyphenols and antioxidants, which help to reduce sagginess. polyphenols protect against premature aging, sun damage, and certain skin conditions.
It increases the flexibility and firmness of the breast
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Main Ingredients: Collagen Complex, Soybean extracts, Olive extracts, Glycerin

How to use:

Cleanse your body thoroughly with a gentle cleanser, and pat your skin dry.
Apply the oil in gentle upward strokes and circular motions by using your fingers.
Wash free, let it dry naturally.
Use it Am & Pm daily for better results.
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