Korean Firming Mask

No matter what your complexion concern maybe, this brand makes a mask for it.
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Product Description

Safe ingredients:

Collagen Firming Mask is rich in antioxidant vitamin C and natural moisturizing hyaluronic acid, providing rich moisture and adequate nutrition throughout the day, repairing damaged skin, promoting collagen production, and soothing sensitive skin.

Collagen Mask: Sleeping Mask Serum restores lost moisture to your skin while you sleep, leaving your skin hydrated, radiant, and rejuvenated when you wake up!

Sleeping Masks: Sleeping masks provide good moisture to the skin and do not require washing. Long-term use is recommended for better results.

[SUITABLE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES] -Suitable for dry, sensitive, oily skin types. Rich, lightweight, oil-free texture absorbs quickly. Formulated with skin-friendly ingredients, this collagen firming mask product is hypoallergenic and natural. Great for men and women.

Individually Packaged —- The package contains a box of collagen firming masks, and there are 20 bags of individually packaged masks in a box, one bag peruse, which is more hygienic and does not lose nutrition.

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