Kitchen Sink Silicone Splash Guard

Stains near the faucet are very hard to clean, there is this automatic draining silicone mat that allows the water to drain directly into the pool, clean and hygienic!

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Product Description

【Keep Your Countertop Dry and Clean】 Made of high-quality silicone, thicker than most splash guards on the market. Traditional fabric kitchen sink splash guards can get moldy and are always damp and unpleasant smelling. This silicone faucet handle drip tray is a smart solution, soft, reliable, waterproof, reusable, durable, and prevents faucet water from splashing onto the countertop.

【Easy to Clean and Easy to Store】 The silicone faucet anti-drip mat is not as hard to wash and dry as fabric cloth, you can wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher, and it will dry in minutes, and you can roll it up not in use, easy to store and save space.

【Adjustable and Multifunctional】 The center hole of the silicone faucet mat is adjustable and fits a maximum of 2.6 inches in diameter at the bottom of the faucet. If your mat needs to be adjusted to fit your faucet, simply cut around the markings of the faucet holes on the mat and cut to the right size according to the size of the faucet.

【Tip】 Please measure the size of your faucet and sink before you buy!



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