Kids Floating Swimsuit with Zipper Life Vest

Your little ones are probably looking forward to summer vacation, beach and swimming. If they are still learning how to swim and need some support, this swimsuit can help them. You are getting two in one – great bathing suit and swimming belt.

The swimsuit is made of nylon. It features four sizes, five colorful and playful designs that both girls and boys will love. The swimsuit is easy to hand wash and once your kid leaves the water it will dry quickly.

The belt on the swimsuit is made of floating cotton. Thanks to the great design, your kid will be able to move freely, stay afloat and swim carelessly. Once your kid leaves the water, the belt can be removed from the swimsuit and put on when it is needed.


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Product Description


Material: Nylon and floating cotton

Size: Extra small, small, medium and large

The number of styles: Five

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