Invisible Waterproof Glue Anti Leakage Agent

Why pay a high fee when you can simply do it yourself Waterproof™ Glue

Introducing The Waterproof™ Glue – a versatile, transparent adhesive that makes repairs a breeze. Its controlled formula makes it easy to use and perfect for a variety of surfaces and vertical applications. Get the job done quickly and efficiently with The Waterproof™ Glue.

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Product Description

Easily seal seams, fix leaks, and repair cracked surfaces with our waterproof coating solution. It penetrates deep to protect the surrounding areas and create a durable barrier against water damage.

Easy to use

The Waterproof™ Glue is a fast- drying, clear adhesive suitable for daily use in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas in your home. It’s impact resistant, ideal for waterproof construction on various surfaces such as cement, steel, ceramic, marble, wood and metal.

The Waterproof™ Glue has a high-performance formula, not cracking in low temperatures or melting in high temperatures. It’s anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging and durable.

Environmentally friendly
The Waterproof™ Glue is made of high- quality MS-modified silane, free of formaldehyde and isocyanate. It’s environmentally friendly with solvent- free, non- toxic, tasteless and low VOC release characteristics.



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