Invisible Seamless Buckle DIY Snap Tool

This kit is enough to meet your different needs in DIY crafts or making thin clothes.
That can be applied to various hats, curtains, and clothes.
It’s very sweet to make custom baby clothing by yourself!

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Product Description

Main Features:

DIY Crafts By Yourself
Entire diameter of approx.9.5mm / 0.37 inches. Different colors with different sets. This kit is enough to meet your different needs in DIY crafts or making custom baby clothing by yourself.
Colorful Your Life
Made of eco-friendly copper, anti-rust and fadeless, can’t be broken easily. Long time exposure to sunlight will be okay. Suitable for women, professional or novice sailors.
Wide Application
Perfect for DIY manual sewing craft and repairing such as shirts, knitwear, jackets, baby rompers clothing or diapers, clothes, raincoats, bibs, pet clothes, curtains, hat and so on.
Tighter Clasp
No need for a hammer. No need to make the hole first. The snap will be won’t fall because the five sharp corners can make the snap steady while other tools can’t do.
Using Methods
For each snap set, you will need 1 piece male snap, 1 piece female snap and 2 pieces hollow prong rings. Put the hollow prong rings on the pliers lower side without-hole and the male and female snaps on the pilers’ upper side with hole. Choose your spot to install the snap, please ensure the snaps face cloth inside and outside right. Insert a color hollow prong ring and a male snap into the pliers. Repeat this step with a sliver hollow prong ring and a female snap.
Finally, you can use force-bar to prevent the snaps lose, simply use a heavy tool to knock it.

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