Invisible Halo Hair Extensions


No clips, no glue, and no damage – this temporary extension is the answer to all your hair problems! If you know these extensions, there truly is only one option. Chic Magnifique specializes in quality in a way that our competitors simply do not. That is just what you get with our Halo extensions.

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Product Description

Looks & Feels like REAL Hair. It looks and feels just like real hair! Unlike our competitors, our halo-shaped design is double drawn, meaning it’s thick all the way down to the ends. We are the least expensive per gram and offer 40% more hair than our competitors. The One Minute Solution. Chich Magnifique extensions are the easiest and quickest way to add volume and length to your hair ever. Literally one minute fit, one second remove. Anyone can do it anytime and anywhere. Quality Is the Chic Way. Salon quality hair flip-on extensions, soft and healthy. Can be straightened, curled and dyed. Transparency is the Key. If your hair is voluminous, our transparent wire will be perfectly hidden with your natural color. They truly are invisible to the eye. Effortlessly Add Volume. Our Inivisible Halo Extensions allow you to effortlessly add beautiful volume to your hair in a flash. Their length is 20” and weight about 60 grams. You won’t feel any different except more beautiful.