Different from other traditional umbrellas, our umbrella upgrades the shorter handle and better-reversed umbrella. In order to provide you a wonderful time whatever Sunny days, rainy days, windy days.

UMBRELLA FLASHLIGHT: The handy angled LED Flashlight will help you see on dark rainy nights, especially if the power goes out. It rotates from facing down to 45° for an adjustable light position.

Extremely Convenient: Our reverse folding umbrella has a fully automated system, perfect for one-hand operation. Simply OPEN or CLOSE the umbrella with a press of a button. Easy to carry without taking much space. Suitable for women and men for travel and outdoor activities.

New Inverted Design: Our newest windproof travel umbrella adopts an inverted design, inside-out design is different from a regular automatic umbrella which keeps the wet outside surface inside and prevents water from flowing downwards, keeping floors and cars dry when close it. Bring you with great convenience when get in/out car.

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Product Description

Super Windproof 12 Ribs Construction: Instead of using 8 or 9 aluminum ribs like other folding umbrellas, our inverted compact umbrella is designed with 12 resin-reinforced fiber ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out. 12 Ribs folding umbrella will be more sturdy and more durable. And our travel umbrella adopts Teflon protective coating which is very waterproof.

Reflective Stripe Design and Safe: This upgraded windproof inverted umbrella is surrounded by reflective stripes, which offers 360° high visibility. The reflective stripe delivers high visibility during low light and rainy conditions to alert cars and vehicles, for extra safety in low visibility conditions, important for children, pedestrians, and commuters, you will be safer when walking in dark and rain.

Ideal Gift: Reverse folding feature umbrella with a nice package, it is an ideal gift for your parents, friends, colleagues, and more.



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