Interactive Monster Plush Giggle Ball Dog Toy

Keep Your Dog Active and Engaged with the Ultimate Dog Entertainment Toy – Crazy Monster™

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Product Description

Introducing the Crazy Monster™, an innovative toy with features that can capture your dog’s attention and interest, such as jumping, barking, and making exciting noises. The motion-activated sensors encourage your pup to keep playing, helping to reduce anxiety and boredom while promoting active playtime fun.

A Healthy and Happy Dog is Just a Toy Away

Imagine your dog happy and healthy with regular use of the Crazy Monster™. The toy is designed to promote active playtime fun in dogs of all sizes and ages, which can aid in muscle growth and development. Plus, the motion-activated sensors keep their brain stimulated and active.

Set up in Minutes for Hours of Fun

It’s easy to set up the Crazy Monster™. Simply unfasten the Velcro, unscrew the battery cover with the included screwdriver, and insert the included AAA batteries. The toy will automatically turn on whenever it is shaken or thrown, and the automatic sleep function will turn it off after inactivity to save battery life.


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