Indestructible Stainless Steel Military Style Rugged Smartwatch

C20 Pro Smartwatch – Another Military Style Rugged Smartwatch

Check out the C20 Pro smartwatch, a rugged, outdoor smartwatch that can compete with the likes of Kospet, and Lokmat with their rugged smartwatches. The wearable has a beautiful sporty design and is packed with a lot of features. See our initial review below on its specs, as well as features.

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Product Description

Design and Build Quality

Its another military style, outdoor rugged smartwatch, the C20 Pro smartwatch has that outdoor design, sporty. It has a mechanical look, layered frame with screws, octagonal size, PC material with combination of metal material. It has power buttons, power with dedicated sports button on its side. It is an attractive-looking rugged smartwatch, its not bulky like other rugged smartwatches in the market. The design of the C20 Pro is in the range of the popular Kospet Tank M1. The C20 Pro smartwatch has an outdoor look, and its frame is bump roof, that has an anti- smash body, anti-freeze body.


When it comes to color options, the smartwatch is available in black as well as orange color. But I found the smartwatch with the orange color on its center much attractive. The smartwatch is paired with a sporty strap with steel buckle, giving the smartwatch a sporty vibe.

Overall, the wearable has a good waterproof rating, it has IP68 rating. It gives the wearable full water protection, splash proof, wash proof as well as with dust proof protection.



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