Household Electric Mill Grain Power Grinder

This Grinder is Equipped with a powerful 200W motor (220v), with a capacity of 500ml, it can finish grinding in a short time. Compared with traditional manual grinders, the grinding efficiency is increased by 30 times. Save a lot of time for you and enjoy a better life!

SKU:Household-Electric-Mill Grain-Power-Grinder
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Product Description

We provide a professional selection of adapters. If the voltage in your area is not 220v, you can choose according to your actual situation. In order to improve the service life of the machine, after working for 60 seconds each time, it will automatically stop for 1-2 minutes to prevent the temperature of the machine from being too high.

The blade is made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, not only can handle a large amount of sticky herbs with ease, but also can handle spices, flower buds, seeds, nuts, coffee beans, etc. The modified shape of the blade allows a full 360° grind, activating the original aroma of fresh herbs.

Optimized one-button start switch, you can easily control the coarseness of grinding with just one finger. The fully transparent top cover made of high-quality materials makes the entire grinding process clearly visible. Load-Tight-Grind, just a few simple steps to complete the original tedious grinding work.

With excellent structural design and high-quality material selection, our grinder has become smaller in size and weight. Compared with the bulky old grinder, it has a mini size, suitable for travel, no matter you put it in the kitchen or put it in a backpack, suitcase, car trunk it will not take up much space.

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