Hinged Tubes Flower Vase

This Hinged Flower Vase has recently exploded in the market!!!?

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Product Description


?Glass with very high transparency: The mouth of the bottle is smooth and round and does not hurt your hands when planting.


?‍♀️Use the attached S-shaped hooks to fix the DIY shape in any way you like: Open to imaginative configurations, making your plant’s terrarium vase beautifully designed. Put some flowers or plants in it to match your decor to make it looks beautiful. The idea for home decor.

Haphazard folding

?Can be bent freely: 1 vase/unit, comprised of 6 or 8 individual flower tubes hinged together, our flower vases for centerpieces can be bent and contorted into various lines, curves, and clusters. Put some flowers in the vase to match your decor to make it looks beautiful.

Suitable For All Flowers And All Occasions

✅Suitable for different kinds of flowers: Suitable for young plants, creepers, grasses, shrubs, and small ferns; Ideal for tulips, freesia, pansies, roses, branches, wheat, and even artificial flowers, etc.



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