Herbal Detox Foot Soak Pack


Detoxifying Foot Soak:
Refresh your feet with a luxurious at-home spa experience. It helps draw out dirt and impurities, purifying toxins and toning the skin.

Powerful Artemisias :
Artemisias is well-known for its healing benefits, including detoxification and anti-inflammation. It prevents the accumulation of toxins in the body, thus substantially reducing the chances of illness, disease, and removing harmful body toxins.

Slimming & Weight Loss:
Draw out dirt, impurities, and toxins which cause and accumulate body fats in your body, it also helps the body to lose weight and get rid of swelling.

Improve Metabolism:
It improves blood and lymph circulation through the ingredients that allow the blood in veins to flow easily.

Better Sleep Quality:
Detoxifying foot spa to let your body and soul feel entirely relaxed, relieve aches, pains, stress, headaches, & tiredness.

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Product Description

Natural Skin Revitalizing:
Remove harmful body toxins to help prevent acne breakouts, enzyme, allergies, and other skin problems that let your skin restores natural radiance.

Relaxing & Refreshing:
Infused with precious herbs for a fresh scent that awakens the senses. Relax and soak for 30 – 60 minutes until your soles are feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Precious Natural Herbs:
Various beneficial natural herbs are picked and combined to produce a healthy pack. No chemicals, medicine, and harmful substances used.



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