Hanging Bouncing Cats Toy-3PCS

No trace sticky hook, easy and firm, no matter how much the cat plays, it will not fall off
-Play happily to reduce the cat’s risk of depression.
-Release energy and reduce cat make trouble.
-Increase exercise to prevent cats from becoming obese.

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Product Description

Suitable for multiple locations
Our nano stickers can firmly adhere to a smooth surface, and there will be no traces after pasting. This can protect your furniture from being damaged by stickers. The firmness of the sticker will also prevent pets from tearing off during play.
【Relieve stress, anxiety/boredom】 Inside, cats get exercise from playing with toys that mimic prey. The game provides more than just exercise. The game also relieves anxiety, stress, and boredom.
【Adjustable Elastic Rope Design】 These cat toys are very light, flexible, durable, and easy to store. Can cover a large playing space, and it can get your cats to exercise. And it is very light, so the scratching post will no longer be hard work for you.
【Safe/Durable Material】 This kitty toy is made of durable plush, safe and non-toxic for your kitty. The perfect Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s gift for pet owners or your pet.

Product Description
– Product Category: Knot Toys
– Color: big-eyed dragonfly, feather caterpillar, paper caterpillar, felt chick, felt kitten, felt mouse
– Material: Feather + elastic rope + polyester ball + sticky hook

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