Freezing hands in winter affect your productivity and ability to do your daily work and chores. Our handwarmer does not only give you a warm and comfortable cloth to warm your hands. It also heats up to fight and combat the extremely cold temperature, allowing you to function and prevent your hands from freezing.

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Product Description


High-quality fabric and materials

Water-repellent and breathable fabric, powered by the lithium battery, warm & non-slip

Comes with heating and rechargeable feature.

Battery material: polymer lithium battery (small volume, safe and explosion-proof)

2 PCS 7.4V / 4000MAH lithium battery (single battery capacity 3.7V / 2000MAH, including batteries)

Warming time: about 3 hours of constant temperature warming

Size: (approx.)

M: width: 11.5 cm/4.53 in ; length: 28.5 cm/11.22 in; middle finger to the wrist: 18 cm/7.09 in

L: width: 12 cm/4.72 in ; length: 29.5 cm/11.61 in; middle finger to the wrist: 18-21 cm/7.09-8.27 in

Winter Time "Hand Warmers" ❄️

ORDER HERE ➡️ hygoshop.com/handwarmersIT'S WINTER TIME. WARM YOUR HANDS UP!

Posted by HYGO Shop on Thursday, 2 January 2020

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