Grain Moisture-Proof Sealed Bag-5PCS

Keep fresh & No more bugs get into the food.
It is designed to be reusable and washable, which eliminates the need for a plastic bag and reduces waste output! Now you can contribute & help the battle against plastic pollution!
Top 6 Reasons Why You’ll Love This 😍
✔ Fast and Convenient Screw-Cap Snack Bags
✔ Airtight and Leak Proof Pouch Bags
✔ Save Money on Single-Use Plastic Bags
✔ Dishwasher & Freezer Friendly
✔ Airtight Seal, Keep Food Fresh
✔ Eco-Friendly, Reusable

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Product Description

Protects Snacks from Condensation & Moisture
These decorative resealable jar-shaped bag helps keep food fresh for longer and prevent decontamination.
Convenient Sealed Cap Mechanism
Incredibly easy to use, with a reliable and convenient Sealed Cap mechanism, the Grain Moisture-proof Sealed Bag makes it easy to store nuts, sandwiches, meat, vegetables, or any sort of food for that matter, in a space-efficient and sustainable manner.
Food-Safe Materials
100% non-toxic and BPA-free, it is safe to use for food storage, preserving the natural qualities of food for longer.
Reusable & Eco-Friendly
It eliminates the use of plastic bags and greatly reduces your waste outputs.

Specifications Material:
1.0L: 22*22cm/8.7*8.7inch (1000ml/34oz)
1.5L: 25*23cm/9.9*9.1inch (1500ml/51oz)
2.5L: 30*27cm/11.8*10.6inch (2500ml/85oz)
5.0L:35*32cm/13.8*12.6inch (5000ml/170oz)




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