Glitter Eye Shadow Palette


● 21 Pressed Glitters: High quality, pressed glitters mixed with just the the right amount of sticky liquid to properly stick to your skin. (Includes holographic glitters, metallics, gold ,silver, and many more!)

● 6 Shimmery Highly Pigmented Shades: Highly pigmented beautiful shimmery shades.

● 5 Matte Shade: 5 beautiful & highly pigmented nudes and dark matte shades.

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Product Description

As a cosmetics brand… After being In business 3 years… We know how important it is for a makeup product to not just look beautiful on the outside, but to actually be made from the highest industry grade ingredients (which are also of course totally vegan and cruelty-free!)

That’s why we didn’t just make it look absolutely marvelous… But we’ve actually invested a lot of thought about what we are putting in our makeup.For example, we mixed our glitters with a little bit of glitter sticky liquid, do you don’t have to go through the hassle of using glitter glue.

But, that’s not all..

we’ve also spent so much time in testing samples, changing & improving our formulas until we were able to finally reach the absolute best formula to provide the finest application result out there. So be sure that while ordering this product, you will be amazed not only by how beautiful it’ is but also how amazing it looks when it’s on your skin!