Glass Bottle Cutter Tool


Turn old bottles and jars into functional pieces of artwork with CutGlass™

UNLEASH YOUR INNER ARTIST: Turn wine bottles and mason jars into cool, functional artwork such as lights or refreshed glasses for your pantry!

ADAPTABLE GLASS CUTTER: Adjust the tool to conveniently fit any shaped bottle and cut it with great accuracy!

CUT BOTTLES WITH EASE: Simply place your bottle on the tool, apply adequate pressure, and rotate!

Recycle old bottles and jars to create functional pieces of art with CutGlass™!

Make your own drinking glasses, vases, ashtrays, aquariums, lamps and more – the possibilities are endless!

The tool is so simple to use that anyone can have fun with it! Just take an old wine bottle, put it on the holder, apply pressure, and rotate. Give the bottle subsequent baths of cold and warm water and you got yourself a perfect cut bottle with a smooth edge!

Make a fine addition to your glassware collection! Get yours today!

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