Game Stick Lite

Do you want to play those 3.500 or 10.000 games as always?
Those that you played in your childhood and have always liked?
Our Game Stick Lite 2022 Console® includes all those games you’ve always played in your youth and now you can play them whenever and wherever you want, with family and friends.
✅ Uses an HDMI interface, which can be connected to TVs, computers, and projectors with HDMI inputs to provide a 4K HD display.
✅ Dual 2.4G Wireless GAMEPAD Controllers: Simple and very practical with which you will be able to enjoy all the games with family, friends, and children.
✅ This console has incorporated many classic games among its thousands of games, you just have to choose according to your own needs.

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Product Description

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✅ With the “Mode” button saves the game progress at any time
✅ Search games by name
✅ Multiple language selection

✅ 1 – Connect the console with the HDMI cable to the TV.
✅ 2 – Insert the TF card into the slot.
✅ 3 – Connect the receiver of the controls (USB).
✅ 4 – Plug the charging power supply (cable with USB input) into the TV or a charging base. The number of games included depends on the card’s memory size

✅x1 Game Stick Console
✅x2 Wireless Controllers
✅x1 Signal Receiver
✅x1 HDMI Extension Cable
✅x1 USB Power Cable
✅x1 TF card
✅x1 Instructions

✔️Press Quick Save
✔️When you want to play again, enter the game and press SELECT+START
✔️Press Quick Load
Material: ABS
Weight: 410g




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