Front Cross Wireless Lace Lift Comfort Bra


Introducing our Front Cross Wireless Lace Lift Bra, Insufficient Chest Support may contribute to pain and discomfort, stretched skin and ligaments, which may lead to droopy, saggy breasts

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This Front Cross Wireless Lift Comfort bra instantly lifts and provides ultimate breast support against sagging while keeping an upright posture & seamless look with anything you put on.

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Product Description

📦 WITH This Bra, You Can SAY NO TO THESE:

NO Underwires!

NO Back Pain / Shoulder Pain

NO Saggy Breast

NO Back Fat, Bulges, Spillages, Bra Lines!

NO Chafing

NO Pain From Straps

NO Drooping

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Instantly lifts & supports breasts

Adjustable crisscross sexy lace strap for stabilizing & push up effect

Maintains a straight posture against back pain/neck pain

Prevents sagging and wrinkled skin

Smooths out bra bulges & bra lines

Seamless, wireless, ultra-comfortable wearing

Air-permeable & moisture-wicking fabric

Reduces sweating & boob rashes


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