FRESH JUICE – Portable Personal Size Blender


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Product Description

Portable & Wireless

Bring it along anywhere with you and make fresh juice on the go. One full charge lasts for 15+ blends! The bottle fills up to 380ML – a perfect size to get you energized throughout the day.

Never go hungry again

Bring your bottle blender along with you throughout your day in case you ever need a quick nutritious break. Skip time searching for lunch places to eat – simply load your blender in the morning and go. Always made fresh.

Blend Any Ingredients

Fresh fruits, frozen berries, nuts, powders – the blender will turn anything edible into a perfect smoothie for you. Four strong stainless steel blades and a powerful built-in motor capable of crushing anything.


The Portable Blender is compact and fits in most bags. Go on a road trip or conquer local mountains – the bottle blender will be by your side. Replace gas station snacks and bloating with fresh refreshing snacks made of natural and nutritious ingredients.


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