French Bulldog Sniffing Stress Release Mat


French Bulldog Sniffing Stress Release Mat
Provide your Frenchie with an awesome brain exercise and prevent him/her from suffering from separation anxiety too with this French Bulldog Sniffing Stress Release Mat. Discover how!

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Product Description

Great to use when you need to keep your dog entertained
Interactive French bulldog toys that will occupy your dog’s attention
Made of quality felt fabric that is resistant to bite
Why we love it?
This Stress releasing snuffle mat is perfect for Frenchies that act like Velcros. By using this interactive dog toy, you’ll be able to have more time to finish errands at home. Whether you want to leave the house or you want to have a rest, this Stress releasing snuffle mat for French bulldog is the ultimate solution for anxious dogs. The smell of the food will occupy his attention and attract him to find the treat. It’s also made of bite-resistant material, so it’s also suitable for dogs who go through a teething phase.



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