Fondant Crimper Tool Set


Create amazing designs on your fondant easily!
Want to fast and easily create unique fondant designs? Then this tool is for you! This Fondant Crimper Tool Set offers an easy way of decorating your pastries. It is an ideal tool to create a unique design for pastry edging. You can make your pastries more distinctive by using the 10 different shapes of crimpers.
In addition, you can choose a flat or lace surface. The handle is full of elasticity which is easy to mold and operate. Made with food-grade materials, these durable crimpers are perfect for any kind of pastry. Each crimper is adjustable and it allows you to make your desired patterns.

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Product Description

Easy to use – Just crimp it on your chosen pastry. Easy to clean as well since it’s non-stick.
Adjustable – This allows you to make your designed patterns.
Perfect for any kind of pastries – Suitable for cakes, cupcakes, bread, etc.
Durable – This crimper tool set is proven to last for long-term use.
Great grip – The handle is easy to grip and does not fatigue your hands.
Made of food-grade material – Won’t leave any toxic smell or taste on your pastry.



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