Foldable Reading Glasses


These master-craftsmen were the first in the world to incorporate the high-grade Titanium used in aerospace technology into eyewear.
Their process combines the traditional art of frame-making with modern technology to produce exceptional quality reading glasse.

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Product Description

The glasses are made of stainless steel frame and polycarbonate lens,Foldable bridge and telescoping temples for easy folding and compact storage. Lets you take to anywhere.Soft silicone nose pads and flex temples make it possible to fit different faces with eminently comfortable. You will be satisfied with our high quality if you get them!
【Intelligent zoom reading mirror】
The progressive lens has no obvious dividing line between the focal points, smooth and no image jumping, no need to remove the glasses, moving the line of sight from top to bottom, you can see the far and near and the different visual areas of the lens. Things in different distances in the middle.
Anti 90% harmful blue ray and uv400. Wearing anti-blue light glasses will protect your eyes from the harmful blue light. relieve eye fatigue and discomfort.For indoor or outdoor, all-weather wear, for people with presbyopia problems, especially when reading books, newspapers, watching TV, playing games, traveling, gathering, fishing, this is A thoughtful and practical helper.
Metal material frame—-wear-resistant, lightweight, no nose pressure, comfortable to wear, silicone nose pads, fit the bridge of the nose, skin-friendly, not easy to slip, strong hinges, comfortable to wear, no face clamping, curved temple design, fit the face Without pressing his face. You can wear them for hours and forget you have them on.
Progressive reading glasses and Traditional reading glasses contrast:
Made from Germany’s latest technology on colored reading glasses, the ARNO technology.
Small enough to fit virtually anywhere – your pocket, purse, and tote or handbag.
What are the characteristics of this new style of reading glasses?
Screwless design, smooth folding(Comes with a small portable glasses case)
Anti-blue light Lens
Titanium alloy material, as strong as a rock
1.0-4.0 precise light distribution, 1.67 resin lens, light and comfortable,Anti-blue light & anti-vertigo design.
Minimalist and trendy appearance
The screwless design reduces the weight of the glasses. For reading glasses that cross the age, the screws should be removed.
Thin, charming thin, thin high.
A nose pad face designed specifically for faces. No nose pinched, comfortable
The eye and foot drop design of the glasses, a pair of glasses can have so many details!
With a pocket case, you can easy to carry it out!
Frame material: titanium alloy
Lens material: 1.64 resin lens
Weight: frame 8.9g & lens 6g
Package: 1 pair of Universal Folding Reading Glasses





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