Foldable Large Capacity Travel Backpack

Still, packing your travel shopping in a space-hogging bag?
Foldable Large Capacity Travel Backpack can help you pack your baggage extra during your trip and you can take it anywhere just take little room.

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Product Description

Bags for luggage can hold so many things. You can use it as a gym bag, a carry-on bag, a travel/day bag, a foldable shopping bag, and a sports bag, it works for everything and anything.
Durable & waterproof: Solid straps bear a weight of more than 45 pounds, together with smooth metal zippers, with no need to worry about any ripping or breaking during trips.
Once you’re done using it, you simply fold it away neatly back into the little bag attached to it.
With a pocket outside that enables the duffel to slip over the handle of a suitcase.SPECIFICATION:
Size: 40 x 42 x 7cm(Expanded) / 12 x 18cm(Folded)
Material: High-quality Waterproof Nylon, lightweight, easy to pack, and super strong.
Capacity: 20-35L

1 x Foldable Large Capacity Travel Backpack
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