Fingerprint Drawing Guide Book

Children’s favorite!!!
✨Washable paint for kids is customized for kids’ early development. The painting kit with Colorful Paint and Painting Book will bring kids happiness, great fun, and endless creativity.
✨Fingers are the easiest “brush” for children to use. Use our paint pad to help your children create interesting paintings and develop their imagination and creativity.
✨Want to add the spots to a leopard or the leaves to a tree?
✨ From birds to baboons, butterflies to buffalo, this book is jampacked with adorable illustrations.
✨With step-by-step projects and charming scenes to complete, it’s easy to create interesting paintings from the simplest of starting points.

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Product Description


Colorful Finger Paint
We provide 6 and 12 colors of lacquer trays for your choice, suitable for children of different ages for artistic creation.
Perfect for children ages 2 and up.
100% Brand New And High Quality
Because finger painting is in direct contact with the child’s skin pigment, for safety, the use of natural Healthy, non-toxic dyes. Can wash your hands with soap and water. It can be easily cleaned from hands and arms without any residue.
Use Friendly
The paint kit creates a compact space that reduces spilling and splashing and assures consistent performance, convenient for children to paint and organize.
Long Time to Storage
If your store them in a cool place they can keep good quality for half a year. If a little dry, just add a little water.
Perfect Paint For Kids
Bright colors are super perfect for cultivating children’s interests and independent creativity, especially fit for introducing kids to the joys of painting and self-expression. And the kid’s painting will be the best choice for kids and toddlers.

Material: Eco-friendly sponge and ink
Colors: 6 Colors / 12 Colors
Painting Kit Weight: 70 g / 120 g
Painting Book Weight: 170g
Size: Painting Book: 24*24cm
Package includes:
6 Or 12 Colors Paint Pad *1
Finger Painting Book ( 42P )*1
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