EMS Remote Massage Physiotherapy Pads


These EMS Remote Massage Physiotherapy Pads will help you
let go of the pain! Say goodbye to your: arthritis, period pain, knee pain,
neck pain, back pain, sports injuries.

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Product Description

Great Device You Can Use at Home for Pain Management.
If you have chronic or acute pain, just try this portable and convenient
device for instant relief.
Relax your body and have pain management anytime you
feel the need with our medical grade TENS electrotherapy pulse
massager and accessories.
Self Stick performance and easy clean up after maximum
45 uses for a longer lifespan. You may also find it quite easy to find
compatible electrodes (2mm pigtail tens unit pads) on the market
for you to choose from.
Provides up to 20 hours of continuous use and can be connected to a
wall socket or USB outlet to charge, meaning you never need to worry
about treatment interruption


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