Electric Shoes Dryer

Protecting your shoes from the humidity! Your feet have never felt this comfortable before! The Dansons Zero Odor Shoe Dryer & Disinfectant is a unique portable household electric disinfection shoe dryer. This new slick design utilizes UV Constant Temperature PTC heating to dry and deodorize its immediate area. It comes in two colors, purple and white.

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Product Description

Our premium version contains a LED self-timer.
Support time setting, just choose 3H / 6H / 9H auto shutdown according to your needs. Low power consumption, stable performance, suitable for normal shoes or walking shoes, cloth shoes, boots, rain boots, gloves, socks, etc.
This shoe dryer can remove moisture from shoes and use a sterilization device to inhibit bacterial growth. Put the dryer in your shoes after long work hours, and you can have warm, dry shoes. It can meet different sizes of adult and teenager shoes, sneakers, or work shoes, and dries easily.
Put the shoe dryer in the shoes and plug it in. Set the working time mode you want and let it does the rest. If you need to turn off the dryer, simply unplug it. The shoe dryer is a great helper and household essential for your needs in winter or on rainy days.
PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient)
Deodorize and dehumidify its immediate area.
Kills all bacteria and eliminates odor by heating
Surrounded by an ABS Flame Retardant shell
LED Self Timer
Package Include :
1 x Shoe Dryer
1 x Manual
1 x Packaging Box
1 x Adapter
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