Easter Magic Hatching Growing Dinosaur Eggs – 10PCS


Easter is coming…
What eggs will your kids hunt?
Get our Magic Hatching Growing Dinosaur Eggs, Surprise them!
Just put the egg into the water, then it will crack, hatch a small dinosaur and slowly grow up.
Develop kids curiosity and patience
Every kid likes to watch some dinosaur cartoons. They desire to know more things about them. Exactly, these magical grow eggs will hatch out and grow bigger with time when you place them and water. Your kids can go through the whole hatching process.

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Product Description

Good value for money
If you do not hatch it, it’s an egg toy, even as the Easter eggs; when hatch out, it’s the dinosaur toy. Great for Party Supplies, Easter Basket Stuffers, Carnival Prizes etc.
Nontoxic and environmental protection PVC material
Safety for kids
Exclusive gift box
Material: Natural rubber& EVA
Size of each egg: 1.0″*1.8″
Egg Color: Colourful Crack (green, yellow, white, pink, blue)
Triple size after growing
The dino eggs start to crack from sitting in the water.
These dinosaur figures will keep growing up in 1- 2 days to Triple size.
Full-grown dinosaurs reach nearly 3″ in size.
Good educational toys
Children can improve patience, Creative dinosaur egg hatching toy, very fun.
In addition, they can improve your child’s potential creativity and imagination
Put the egg into a glass of water (>100℉), and wait patiently.
After 8-12 hours, the eggshell begins to crack.
After out of shells, the dinosaur will absorb water and grow up, please wait for it to be perfect.
Please do not use scalding water !! The best water temperature is between 100℉-150℉.
In the hatch process, please add some water to make the dinosaur expanding more and more perfect, it can become up to 5 times the initial state. A
【Tips】: Designed for age 3+ kids, the natural rubber material is safe and healthy for children and adults. Please don’t let your children swallow the mini toy.





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