Durable Universal Bicycle Tire Protective Cover

KEEPS FLOORS & WALLS PROTECTED FROM DIRT AND TIRE MARKS – Bicycle cover for home, office, and car. Cocoons your bike frame and tires in a super-stretchy, beautifully designed bike cover that holds dirt inside, at the bottom, while your space stays neat and tidy.

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Product Description

FITS 99% OF ADULT BICYCLES – No matter whether it is a mountain bike, a road bike, single speed, a fixie or any other kind. No matter what size tires you have on your bike. This award-winning bike cover will fit them all thanks to its innovative design and stretchy fabric (polyester and spandex).

ABSORBS MOISTURE & DRIES FAST – Returning home after a rainy ride has never felt this good! It will absorb the water from the bike – which means no wet dirt on your floors, carpet, walls, anywhere. And even more – it helps keep your bicycle safe from rust.

10 SECONDS TO FIT – Even your grandma can fit it on a bike all by herself! It’s made of the stretchiest fabric in the market – with no zippers, clips or fasteners to get stuck on bicycle parts. Super easy!

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