Double-ended manual hair remover

Shave or comb, shave on one side and brush on the other, and enjoy a clean and tidy life.

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Product Description

▶ Fast hair removal

Refresh old fabrics by shaving them quickly without damaging them to keep them looking clean, soft, and new.

▶ Upgrade New Generation

The new generation of triple-layer brush heads: Shave smooth and smooth, say goodbye to hair and hairballs, and also take care of your clothes to make them more stylish.
Flathead design: The corners are not spared.
Serrated silicone brush head: No rust, no damage to clothes, no wire pulling.
Y-shaped non-slip design: Quiet with all kinds of clothes, no slipping, and more labor-saving.
Expanded and Enlarged: The area of hair removal is enlarged, saving time and effort.

▶ Easy to clean

No tangling and the cleaned hairball can be easily removed by hand.

▶ Easy to carry



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