Dog Car Seat Bed – First Class

Driving with a dog is the happiest thing in the world. But does your dog get upset in the car?
Funny Fuzzy Car Dog Bed Gives Dogs a First Class Experience.
No matter how steep the mountain road is, the triple protection of the first-class cabin can make your dog sleep peacefully in the seat.

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Product Description

Adjustable safety leashes & fixing seat belts
Built-in safety buckle to combine with dog collar
Safety pillows on the front and back
Use both at home & in the car
2 ways to carry
Double sides cushion
Removable & Machine washable cover
Anti-slip bottom

Main material:
Viscose fiber, nylon, polypropylene fiber
Product Size:
One size: 40*52*52 cm (15.7*20.4*20.4 in)
Cushion: 47*47 cm (18.5*18.5 in)
Please Notes:
1. No bleach
2. Dry flat