DIY Manual Floor Furniture Repair Kit


Are you still worried about scratches, pet marks, cracks, dents, or damages on your wooden furniture and floor?
Fear not! Our Floor Furniture Repair Kit Consumables will help you to fix those problems.

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Product Description

▶ Safe and healthy resin.
▶ No pollution and no additives.
▶ 11 different colors of repair wax, suitable for almost all color wooden furniture, mixing the wax could get unexpected results.
▶ Multiple Uses, suitable for deck, parquet, doors, tables, cabinet, bed, cupboard, floor, and other wooden furniture.
▶ Fix tears, cuts, scratches, burns, and holes.
Main Features
[Effectively Fix – Rebirth]
Repair scratches and pet marks, fill holes, cracks, dents, and damage any color furniture and floor, to bring dull furniture back to life. And make your home shining and look new!
[11 Colors]
Wax blocks from A to K, with 11 most common wood colors included, you can easily match any color needed, superior results on painted or natural. Made of high-quality resin material, it is safe and healthy.
[Easy to Use & Reliable]
Heats up in seconds that can quickly fix any type of wood, laminate, veneer, and hardwood. It is a solid restorer that is NOT a surface maker, waterproof, tougher, and more durable. The wax will be hard enough to integrate with wood after solidification.
[Scratch Repair Step]
Our furniture repair wax needs a melting tool to melt the wax and this kit has included a melting tool. Melting the wax and fill into cracks or screw holes, then sanding and polishing the touch up after cooling. A simple practice to get perfect repair work by yourself.
[Melting Tool Operation]
Installing the battery on the correct poles, then slide the switch to ON, and press and hold the yellow button for 10 seconds to get heating.
[Multiple Uses]
Suitable for deck, parquet, doors, tables, cabinet, bed, cupboard, floor and more. Also suitable for laminate floor repair, screw holes filling, wood worktop crack cover.
Wax Material: Resin
Two Types Available: Type 1 – 16 PCS/PACK with Melt Tool, Type 2 – 11 PCS/PACK Repair Wax
Size of Plastic Box: 19 x 19 cm
Weight of Type 2: 398 g
Weight of Type 1: 125 g
Package Includes: 1 x Floor Furniture Repair Kit Consumables



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