Disinfection Portable Pack Bag


This product has legit certifications and production certifications. However, pls take a look at below tips.

1. Q: Will my phone be dead after I put in this bag?

A: No, we did experiments and we put our phones in it, the phones work well after UVC lights.

2. Q: Why do you need to put them in the bag instead of just using UVC lights?

A: The ultraviolet lamp has a radiation effect on the human body, and the items must be disinfected in a closed environment

3. Q: How long is each sterilization cycle?

A: 15-20 minutes

4. Q: What is the wavelength of the UVC?

A: UVC–243.7nm and UVD–185nm

5. Q: What exactly is the lamp in your bag?

A: They are mercury lamps. NOT LEDs.

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