Detachable Weed Puller

A must-have for garden maintenance. It’s the best solution to reduce the stress you feel while clearing out weeds and prevent the excruciating pain caused by bending, pulling, or kneeling. The WeedScapx is inspired by the original weed puller invented in 1913. With a little touch of modern technology, this stand-up weeder is a blessing to all gardeners and enthusiasts for its “no bending, no hand pulling support.” st quality –manufacturing, is far superior to other cheap products for short-term use.

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Product Description

√ Efficient — Lawn mower tested to remove 100 square meters in a few hours.
√100% Safe — Non-blade safety design and labor-saving, both old and young can use it for weeding.

Make a thoughtful gift for someone who loves working in the yard, most families desperately need it for grandpa, grandma, dad, husband, or whoever you need to make weeding a breeze.

Our design has been praised by many gardeners and enthusiasts, and we’re happy to deliver this upgrade to every home to make gardening a fun, stress-free, and relaxing activity for everyone to enjoy.

How to Use?

Step 1: Center over weed
Step 2: Press into the ground
Step 3: Lean handle

Package Include:
1* Weeder(not include wooden handle)



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