Decorative Garage Door Hinge and Handle Set (6-Piece)


Looking to add some character to your home? Decorating on a budget?
Then this unique Decorative Garage Hinge and Handle Set is perfect for you!

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Product Description

Easy and Quick Installation
The ergonomic design of the hinge and handle set allows you to easily transform your home in seconds. Unlike other hardware sets, the decorative garage door hinge and handle set requires
Each all-season set comes with 4 hinges and 2 handles to create a variety of classic and charming looks for your door instantly and easily.
The Prestige Garage Design decorative hinge and handle set is made out of high-quality ABS durable UV-resistant hammered iron finished plastic that withstands any element and never fades.
With powerful magnets integrated into the design, our hinge and handle set offers both strength and an array of options to meet any weather conditions.



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