Crystal Glass Pen


Handcrafted To Perfection

Our iconic spiral design has been handcrafted from just one single piece of stained crystal glass. This majestic range of colors creates a magical experience for any artist looking for inspiration. Its light-weight design makes you feel like you are holding nothing at all. Perfect for those who find themselves lost in their work for hours on end.

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Product Description

Limitless Creativity

Our glass dip pen offers a unique experience allowing anyone to create by just dipping and drawing. A true artist is someone who has the freedom to translate any thought to the canvas which is why our special quality ink allows full expression of even the most vivid artworks.

Perfect set for beginners and advanced calligraphers. This signature pen is great for drawing and writing. Made of high borosilicate glass.

You could write 40-50 words per dip. Easily rinse clean with water and dry with paper in just 10 seconds. Quickly switch between different colors without having to refill the pen.

Exquisite design, excellent packing, elegant and luxury gift pen for writers, creative types, artists, also dear friends and loved ones. Enjoying the compliments on your beautiful calligraphy pens, you will never get tired of the stream of compliments that you get from this nice pen.



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