Cream Piping Tip Nozzles Kit


Make Perfectly Creamed Desserts!
Love puffs and pastries? This 4-piece Cream Piping Tip Nozzles Kit is the perfect utility for injecting sweet fillings and beautifying your favorite treats! They can be used directly with a piping bag, so no need for a converter.
Made of food-safe stainless steel, they are durable and corrosion-resistant. They can stuff the perfect amount of cream, jellies, or jams without creating a big hole. Small, easy to use, and clean, they are the perfect tips for all your filling needs!

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Product Description

Complete set – Comes in a 4-piece set designed to inject cream into delectable puff and pastries easily.
DIY kit – Helps bring your homemade cake or cupcake decorating skills to a new level. Gives a professional quality to your work. Perfect for both beginners and pro.
Easy to use – Add fillings directly through a piping bag. No need to use a converter.
High-quality – Precision-crafted food-grade stainless steel tips. Ensures durability, corrosion-resistance, and non-deforming. Polished surface and easy to clean.
Perfect amount – Injects the right amount of cream into the puff or pastry without creating a large hole.
Widely used – Perfect for fillings such as creams, jellies, and jams. Use for filling cupcakes, cream puffs, eclairs, and more.



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