Cozy Pillow for Cat

Promotes a good night’s sleep!
Does your cat like to nap next to you? It’s normal, cats like comfort and warmth above all.
This Soft And Comfortable Pillow is ideal for keeping your cat warm and safe.

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Product Description

Protects your pet’s cervical vertebrae.
Cats can sleep 20 hours a day.
A soft and comfortable pillow also influences the cat’s sleep time.
This U-shaped pillow is not only stylish but also protects your pet’s cervical vertebrae.
High-quality material Made of cotton flannel, soft and warm with a woolly effect.
Absorbs moisture and keeps your cat warm.
Easy to maintain
This cat pillow is easy to clean, it is best to dry it after each wash.
In a few words:
Material: Polyester
Inner material: Filler sponge, PP cotton Machine washable or hand washable
Suitable for adult and kitten cats
Dimensions: 11 x 30 x 8.5 cm


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