Comfy Baby Inflatable Float Sofa

Baby Inflatable Chair for Babies 3-48 Months.
Babies learn to sit at the beginning of the easy-to-fall to the west affects the development of the spine, at this time need to use external support and scientific guidance to sit capital, our ergonomic backrest inflatable seat can provide soft and strong support for the baby, can better protect the baby’s spine.

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Product Description

Learn to sit scientifically

The split front design of this inflatable sofa can guide your baby to learn the correct sitting posture. Baby Inflatable Chair wide neck soft and stable, providing comfort and support for your baby. The large contact area with the ground prevents the baby from leaning forward due to unstable gravity. Perfect for baby to learn to sit.

Hollow design at the bottom, comfortable and breathable, and the butt is not stuffy and water-proof.

Our infant chair is a practical kids’ chair. The baby can sit when taking a bath and play with water happily. Perfect for floors, beds, bathrooms, lawns, beaches, and more in your home.

This baby inflatable chair up seat has a self-contained built-in air pump, and the baby floor seat can be shaped in minutes by pressing the air pump up and down. Best of all, it deflates, folds, and stores compactly, making it a great companion for travel, picnic, or outing.

Our baby chairs are made of high-quality PVC material, which is durable and not easy to damage, just rinse with water if oiled. It is comfortable to touch and has no peculiar smell, and can be in close contact with the baby’s skin.



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