Collapsible Dish Tub&Cutting Board With Draining Plug

COLLAPSIBLE & PORTABLE: Designed for easy storage when not in use.Folding it will save space in your kitchen

DRAINING SYSTEM: Strain fruit and vegetables, washing tube, drainer sink and storage basket. Ideal for ice and drinks at the beach

DURABLE POLY BOARD: Food grade material safe and easy to clean

MUST HAVE: This is a must have if you have a large sink in your RV or travel trailer. The functionality it provides is a must for mobile camping.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: BPA-free, plastic and siliconized rubber, lightweight, does not retain odors, durable

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Product Description

Smart and convenient way to chop and wash vegetables and fruits. Easy to use over most sinks, prevents spills and saves time in the kitchen. It’s collapsible, so you wont need a lot of space in the drawers and cabinets.
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