Classic Panama Hat

The Panama hat is not only a fashion but also a fine handmade artwork.
Lightweight, breathable, and shading make it the darling of summer trends.
Authentic Quality
Genuinely handmade by master weavers directly!
Sun Protection
These hats provide the perfect amount of shade during sunny weather!
Elegant and Stylish
The ideal accessory to add extra fashion to any of your outfits!

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Product Description

Havana Retro
Havana Retro is a modern fedora with features a medium-sized brim, breathable sweatband, and comes in classic color grosgrain hatband or leather hatband. The brim contains a wire to hold its shape.
You’ll hear lots of compliments and grab the attention of others while they witness you in your hat!
Breathable and comfortable-suitable for any day trip, picnic, horse racing, weekend getaway, or beach trip, our Panama hat is light and comfortable and fits your head better.
Authentic Fedora style Montecristi hats-Although all Qiu hats are handmade, these Montecristi Fedoras are made by the family of a master weaver and are more refined than most of their peers
It has a long history and is widely loved by politicians and stars.
Ideal for outdoor activities such as gardening, beaches, swimming pools, parks, camping, hiking, church activities, tournament days, etc. No matter where you wear this stylish cute hat.
Brim: 2 1/8″ snap
Hatband: 1 1/2″ grosgrain or 1 1/2″ cotton or 1″ Jute Rope or 1″ suede leather
Our products guarantee fair prices for its weavers including transparent and effective channels of commerce.
Packaging Information:
1 X 🌿Classic Panama Hat


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