Christmas Reindeer Ring Toss Game-Standard Set

Add fun to your Christmas party with this inflatable ring toss game.
🤩🤩 Let’s play Christmas reindeer games. undefined
Throw the round rings onto the large reindeer antlers on your friend’s head and take turns wearing the antlers to make your games.
They will bring joy💕 to your Christmas party!

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Product Description

The inflatable Reindeer Antler toss game is lightweight and portable, a good interactive game, can wear this Antler on your head or toss them with your kids at a Christmas party, the player who gets the most rings around the antler wins a prize!
Cute Antlers design and fun game experience, increase the happy festival atmosphere at the Christmas party! Great for birthday Xmas school carnival classroom active, indoor, and outdoor game events.
The ring toss game is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
Easy to inflate and deflate.
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🎁💐 Don’t forget to get some for your family and friends as it’s a unique gift idea.

Material: PVC
Antlers length: 85-88cm
Antlers height: 38-40cm
For Children Ages 3 and up
Package included
SINGLE:1 x inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 4 × inflatable toss rings
Standard Set: 2 x inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 8 × inflatable toss rings
Family Set: 3 x inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 12 x inflatable toss rings
Big Family Set: 4 x inflatable Reindeer Antler Hats & 16 x inflatable toss rings

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