Children’s DIY Aqua Fairy Marine Life 6 Shapes Mold Water Elf Set

?‍?‍?‍?Turn your paint into a 3D figure within a few minutes only!??

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★Fun Activity: Toy Globs Can develop children’s concentration, hands-on skills, color perception, and hand-eye coordination. It can be a great exercise for children’s imagination and creativity, providing an exciting activity for children to enhance hands-on skills, explore creativity, express emotions, and improve artistic skills.

★Environmentally friendly material: Made from Natural Sodium Alginate, which is not easily broken or faded. With high elasticity and good toughness, it is safe and does not hurt your hands, you and your child can play with more confidence.

★Vibrant colors: perfect for capturing your child’s attention, fun and educational gift for all ages, rich DIY bead set with all the tools needed to play, feel free to express your creativity with the toy.

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★Includes anything you need: package includes:

(12 BOTTLE SET) 12*cartoon shape models, 12*coloured water solution, 2*powder, 1*storage container, 1*plastic cup container, 1*instructions, 1*stirring stick, 1*spoon net,duck*1,1* Gloves,1*Brushes (6 BOTTLE SET) 8*cartoon shape models,6*coloured water solution, 1*powder, 1*instructions, 1*stirring stick, 1*spoon net,1*Gloves,1* Brushes




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