Chainsaw Sharpener Jig

A dull saw can make your job difficult and causes inefficiency. To make sure your chainsaw or other tools are working at their optimum condition, you’ll have to always check the sharpness of the tool from time to time. Introducing the Chainsaw Sharpener, an attachment for you to attach to rotary tools and sharpen your chain saw lawn mower, gardening tool, shovel, hoe, etc. This is the fastest and safest way to sharpen your tools.

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Product Description

Installation of Chainsaw Sharpener onto your rotary tool is easy. The build in the guide provides optimal sharpening angle too. It easily sharpens dull & slow cutting chain saw blades. Signs of dull chain saw blades are:
The saw chain does not pull itself into the wood. It has to be forced to cut by applying pressure to the engine unit. While doing a split cut or a cross cut (making a vertical cut) the saw chain creates fine sawdust instead of coarse strands. Smoke crops up even though the chain lubrication is in working order and the chain tension is correct.
The chainsaw runs in one direction causing a crooked cut. This is an indication of dull cutting teeth on one side of the chain or uneven cutting teeth lengths. The chainsaw “rattles” and “bounces” during the cut. It is difficult to achieve precise positioning. Application fits for rotary tools such as Dremel Models: 4000, 400, 300, 398, 395, 200, 100, 8200, 800, 780, 770.

Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: as shown in these photos
Size: 16*13*7.8cm
Weight: 420g
Package Included:
1 x Saw Sharpener
1/3/5 x Grinding tool
1 x Degree Guide


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