Ceramic Tile & Glass Cutter Pen

Cut hard tiles easily and accurately. Save time and hassle!
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✅High-quality tungsten steel production
✅Cutting glass
✅Cut tiles
✅Cutting marble
✅Metal lettering

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Product Description

Main Features:
Made of high-quality tungsten steel, durable, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant, and can be used for a long time.  Used to cut tiles and glass tiles, it is a good helper for your work.
The metal plate glass marker lettering pen has a sharp and smooth tip, With a single stroke, you can cut tiles, steel plates, marbles, or leave marks on iron plates.
Easy To Carry
This engraving pen is the same size as a normal writing pen, so it is easy to carry and use. The pen clip design is not easy to lose, which is convenient for you to use or draw lines anytime and anywhere.
Simple Operation
The curved pen tip makes the operation more labor-saving and comfortable. The non-slip pattern design is more comfortable and easy to operate and use.
Comfortable To Hold The Pen
Metal plate glass marker lettering pen adopts an ergonomic design, comfortable and durable. The nib has fine workmanship and high precision. Exquisite craftsmanship can ensure the durability and stability of the product.




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