Car Blind Spot Rearview Mirror



Easy To Install

Car blind spot mirror installation method: backing Attached with super-strong 3M glue, can be easily installed and stuck firmly without any tools, just select the appropriate location.

Upgraded 360-degree Adjustment

360-degree rotation can maximize your view with wide-angle in the car to avoid any kind of accident or collision when you change lanes or back your car. At the same time can be used as a passenger-side mirror.

Anti- collision & Waterproof

Sturdy and anti-collision HD hard-wearing glass mirror has stable property even in severe weather, adopted ABS crash-proof shell protects blind spot mirror effectively, no longer afraid of the wind and rain.

Double-sided Mirror Design

Two mirrors design can extend the driver’s sightline and reduce the blind spot, let you notice the situation of the front wheel while driving, avoiding potential front-wheel dangerous blind spots.

Wide Application

Automotive Blind Spot Mirror fits for every truck, car, SUV, RVs, and vans.

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Product Description


Creative Car Blind Spot Mirror – Adjustable Wide Angle Mirror Convex Rear View Mirror

2 in 1 Car Blind Spot Mirror Wide Angle Mirror 360 Rotation Adjustable Convex Rear View Mirror View Front Wheel Car MirrorGet it Here: http://bit.ly/2CASlT5

Posted by Commonlee on Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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