Capo For Open Tuning

Time to discover different and unique sounds/chords progression/melodies on your guitar!

Do you want to explore a great variety of new tunings without having to retune your guitar? Or even better to create new tunings? Discover new chords that would not be possible by just retuning your guitar or having a classic capo?

This universal partial capo will help you by letting you capo each string individually.

For Acoustic, Electric, Classical-all makes & models. Capo all 6 strings like a regular capo with fine tuning per string!

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Product Description

Fits all guitar fingerboards
Finger above and below the capo
Play all the bar chords scales and riffs you already know because your guitar is not detuned!
Play unlimited new chords, not possible with standard tuning
An invaluable creative tool for singer/songwriters
Change tunings without detuning the guitar
Change tunings while playing, during live performance
Play melodies with open string accompaniment
Explore new tunings, keys, harmonies, and textures
Creative tools used and embraced by a lot of great musicians to compose and explore (Steve Vai, The Hollies, Julian Lage, Marty Dodson among others)
Weighs less than an ounce
Feel free to order several pieces and use them at the same time to widen even more the possibilities!


Be sure the tab rests on top of the fingerboard when you tighten the knob and place it just behind the desired fret.



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