Buckwheat Lumbar Support Sleep Pillow


Say Goodbye to Lower Back Pains

Lower back pain can be a serious problem. It is normally caused by poor posture, overweight, strains, disc injury, pregnancy, arthritis, and aging.

Lower back pain can be made worse with poor sleeping conditions. The Support Sleep Pillow is the world’s first buckwheat lumbar support sleep pillow to treat lower back pain.

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Product Description


Feel the Difference After 7 Nights – The Support Sleep Pillow is simple to use. There are no strenuous exercises involved. Just position your lower back on the buckwheat core while you sleep and let it do the job.

On average, The Support Sleep Pillow users start feeling a firmer back after a week with at least 1-2 hours usage per night.

Progressive Pain Relief – It takes some time for your body to adjust to it. The Support Sleep Pillow buckwheat core will start to conform and mold to the contours of your lower back providing a firm upward lift.

This helps to restore your spine neutral position and release the tension in your back.

Perfect Physical Therapy Solution -The Support Sleep Pillow is suitable for those who have trouble stretching the lower back. It comes in 2 adjustable heights – moderate and advanced.

For those requiring a deeper stretch, you can attach the height disk.

Suitable for Both Back & Side Sleepers – Regardless if you are a back or side sleeper, The Support Sleep Pillow peripheral supports helps to hold and maintain your body to the firm central core.

This ensures that your neutral position is maintained regardless of your sleeping position.



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